There are many places where you can camp around the festival within in a    few miles.  We do offer free camping for TENTS only in the park and you must    register online HERE
 Email:  Brett Simonsen


     Of course we recommend the Hotels and Motels listed below that help      support the festival, but there are a few others around town and you can do a    google search to find them.  If you are in town for the festival, let the front    desk   know that you are in town for the festival and thank them for helping    sponsor the festival.

    Click below for a Map!

  Norfolk Lodge and Suites  (3 miles)

  New Victorian Inn and Suites (2.4 Miles)


 Tent Camping

     Tent Camping is Available at the park but you must register by submitting

 a pre-registration form online Campers before coming. CLICK HERE to      register.

 Click below for a Map!

 Pierce, Ne  -  Willow Lake Camping  (15 Miles)
 Ta-ha-Zooka Park (3 Miles)
 Maskenthine Recreational Area (15mi)